About Us

“I work hand-in-hand with all of my employees and would trust them to work at my own house.” —Mitch

The Power Wash Guy Difference

You might be surprised. For someone with the moniker "The Power Wash Guy," Mitch is a humble guy.

Mitch has over 20 years of experience as a home improvement professional, but the characteristic that sticks out most about Mitch is his attention to detail.

He's a nitpicky perfectionist. (So he's probably just the guy you want managing the details of your wash, stain, glaze, or paint project.)

He and his team are also passionate about customer service. "Our project is not finished, until our client is happy," Mitch says.

The Power Wash Guy team has had exciting growth in the last few years thanks to word-of-mouth referrals and previous clients asking the team to come back for another project.

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